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March Can’t Sing Choir – Trinity Church – December 2022


  1. This document is Version 2.0.  Our draft Version was accepted by the church management committee early August 2021.  This document is another ‘refresh’ written for choir members singing in Trinity Church Hall assuming it to be available from January 2022. The recent ‘omicron variant’ carries more risks, so the following recommendations are emphasised the more strongly.

  2. Environment:  this document excludes Trinity Church itself.  Customary usage of The Hall, is as follows: the front carpark / the concrete path to the Hall doorway / the internal hallway / the rehearsal-area itself / the kitchen / the toilets and the Fire Exit doors.

    1. Carpark:  Choir members will be advised to maintain social distancing rules: our suggestion is one metre distance, and no gathering before/after singing.

    2. Pathway: As above and a ‘door monitor person’ will allow entry only in low numbers to avoid congestion before signing in and paying subs. Advise distancing if a queue forms.

    3. Internal Hallway: Door monitor will control entry to keep social distancing between entry door and door to the rehearsal area (the hall itself).  Our Treasurer will collect subs from a ‘clean’ table one person at a time, using all sanitised practices available with cash transactions.  Hand sanitiser will be available for use at door entry.

    4. Rehearsal Area:  Volunteers will set out chairs using social distancing rules – our suggestion is one metre distancing in all directions, with chairs facing in one direction. 

    5. Kitchen: This room is not in use for refreshments or foodstuffs.  Bring your own drinks.

    6. Toilets: Only the one Disabled Toilet cubicle will be in use.  Users will be asked to wipe surfaces with cleansing cloths provided by MCSC.

    7. Fire Exit:  This door may be opened to gain additional ventilation, and managed to prevent unauthorised access to the building.

  3. Ventilation: Volunteers will open any available hinged windows in the hall for each session, and be responsible for closing them safely at end of session. Clearly in winter, the installed recirculating heating system will be a challenge and our designated keyholder will make a judgement as to use before, and during sessions. You are advised to bring warm clothing as the hall is slow to heat up and may cool off early if outside temperatures are low.

  4. Face Coverings: Decisions as to wearing face-coverings for any session will be left to individuals, per Government advice. Currently, please wear one while entering and leaving the building.

  5. NHS Covid ‘Pass’: Not well understood yet, and so far, we are not a ‘required event’ as we are low numbers with well-understood hygiene rules. We recognise that vaccination is a personal decision and will not refuse entry to choir sessions to those who choose not to be vaccinated.  However, MCSC will request non-attendance should anyone feel unwell for any reason, thus to protect other members of the choir, and our Musical Director and pianist.

  6. Self-isolation: MCSC ask that all singers keep up with the latest Government advice.  Rules are made or amended the faster omicron spreads.  We assist by completing a choir Attendance Form (one for each week) to record who attends each session.  Your choir Secretary holds secure email records of our members, thus can contact speedily everyone who might have been in contact with a suspected case of C-19.

  7. Church premises: MCSC will abide by all other C-19 requirements of the Church Authorities issued or changed from time to time.


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