March Can’t Sing Choir 2021 - Re-starting choir activities recognising Step 3 Covid-19-Lockdown relaxations:



For participants of MCSC outdoor sessions at The Memorial Rose Garden, Trinity Church, March: 2021 until further notice.


  • Access to the garden is via ramp or steps.  Please be aware of your surroundings. We shall have a one-way system as before.

  • Weather: If it is hot, please bring water with you, wear a sun hat and sun-cream if you need to.  If light rain is forecast, we shall go ahead, but please bring an umbrella and dress accordingly.  If storms are forecast, then the session will be postponed.

  • Comfort: Church facilities will not be open: please use the loo before you come out!  Do not arrive more than 15 mins before your allocated start time.   In case of emergency, cross your legs or retire gracefully.  


COVID 19 Regulations

As of time of planning, the choir will still be obeying social distancing rules. While 30 people are allowed to meet outdoors socially distanced, we cannot manage this in the Rose Garden. Our sessions will be a maximum of 15, with about 2 metres2 spacing.  It is known that the act of singing still carries a higher risk of transmission of coronavirus than just talking, due to the increased production of aerosols – which are projected further and remain suspended in the air. Taking our singing outdoors plus social distancing, should disperse these more easily. To manage risk, short sessions of 45 minutes will take place.  You will be allocated a session and a space to sing from.   If you would prefer to wear a mask, we are happy to leave it to individual preference.  If you are in any way uncomfortable about any of the above, please take time in making your decision about taking part.  Please note that should Government regulations change then these arrangements will be subject to change.   


What participants must consider:

  • Upon entry to the garden, one designated person will dispense hand sanitiser for your hands. 

  • We shall also use a Track & Trace form, and will ask “Have you or any member of your household had Covid symptoms, or tested positive with a PCR (lab test) or (personal) Lateral Flow Test within the last ten days?”  If ‘Yes’: then please do not attend.

  • You will be given a brand-new choir booklet to use. These are Covid-free.

  • You will be allocated a marked area to sing from. These will be set up at a socially safe distance before you arrive.  Please remain within your spot, try not to face or sing to each other and do not sit on or touch the benches or trees, so as to keep the area as hygienically safe as possible for subsequent users, including members of the public. If you need to sit, please bring your own chair or let us know so arrangements can be made.

  • We know you may be excited to see each other again, but please think before you hug!  Keep to social distancing and do your greetings from a safe distance.  Once the session is over, please do not linger around the garden, to keep us as safe as possible.



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