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Your MCSC Committee is Miriam, Secretary with Val The Treasurer; Val Greig Assistant Secretary and Hugh Brooks as Digital Officer. We work with Sally (Musical Director), and Paul (our accompanist), to ensure the choir runs smoothly  each Wednesday evening.

About Us

We are not a formal SATB choir, nor are we a specialist dementia choir. (See our ‘Home’ tab for more resources.) Furthermore, there are no auditions and no need to read music. We choose popular songs from the ‘40s through to present day, including Christmas and songs to suit the seasons. In conjunction with our Musical Director and singing teacher, we accept occasional requests from outside organisations to visit them and to sing in public.

Based in March, Cambridgeshire, the choir has continued to grow with an elected committee to manage the Choir as a non-profit making group, with the unwavering direction of Sally Rose and Paul Hayward of Back Two.


What does a typical choir evening consist of ?

We start by warming up with vocal exercises and singing rounds. We move on to singing well-known songs; have a tea-break in the middle; then practice some repertoire songs we might use for public performances. No-one is obliged to sing in public unless they feel confident and ready to do so. We sing from lyric-sheets which you may purchase at cost to mark up in your own way. Part of our purpose at MCSC is to build confidence as well as breathing, voice control and timing. And in-between we have a lot of fun with Sally and Paul, our talented Musical Director and accompanist!

Occasionally we have a social evening, sometimes to a ‘theme’ where we sing, mingle, have refreshments and fun. (See tab, ‘Picture Gallery’.)


Keeping in touch:

For rapid updates we also have a presence on Facebook. Click the ‘f’ icon on any page, or search your browser for ‘march can’t sing choir’ where you will find a Facebook link with up-to-the-minute information, even if you don’t have a Facebook account. MCSC also uses email or text messages to update members of news and events. 

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